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Frequently asked questions

What type of church is Jesus House Scarborough?

Jesus House Scarborough is a non-denominational church. We accept people irrespective of their race, age, religious background or community.

How do I become a member of Jesus House Scarborough?

There is no formal membership process. We are happy to have fellowship with you weekly on Sundays and Fridays!

What does the Jesus House Scarborough building look like?

We are located at 32 Progress Avenue at William Kitchen Road. Here are some photos of our facility!

How do I become a worker at Jesus House Scarborough?

In order to become a worker, you must be born again, and take two prerequisite classes—the Believers’ Class and the Workers-In-Training class. Please contact us on

What is appropriate to wear to church?

Come as you are! The dress code ranges from casual to professional.

Will I have to pay for a parking space?

There is a lot of free parking space on the church premises, so you do not have to pay for

What are the doctrines and beliefs of RCCG Jesus House?

At Jesus House Scarborough, we believe in the infallibility of the Bible, that the whole of the Old Testament and New Testament were written by the inspiration of the Spirit of God. From this basis we draw all doctrines, values and belief systems we live by. Find our more here...

Does JHS provide accommodation for persons with disability?

Yes, JHS provides necessary accommodations for any guest or members with disability needs to ensure they have the best quality of experience while they fellowship with us.