The purpose of Jesus House Scarborough’s Children’s Ministry is to nurture children into a closer relationship with Jesus. This purpose is based on Matthew 18:14, “It is not the will of your Father who is in Heaven that one of these little ones perish.”

The Children’s Ministry is made up of all children within the church between the ages of 1 to 18.


It has five classes, in which children are assigned based on their school grades:

  • Tots for Christ – Ages 1–5

  • Kingdom’s Kids – Junior Kindergarten (Grade 1)

  • Kids for Christ – Grades 2–4

  • Pre-teens – Grades 5–7

  • Teenagers – Grades 8–12

The Goals of the Children’s Ministry are:

  • To team with parents in laying a godly foundation for the children.

  • To teach biblical truth to the children, emphasizing that God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life.

  • To provide a safe, secure, loving and fun environment for children to participate positively in, and one where parents feel comfortable leaving their children.

  • To impact the lives of children, using a variety of teaching strategies that are developmentally appropriate with the word of God.